To our valued foreign customers.

Tokyo Parts is now accepting direct foreign orders! Please fill in the form at the end and of this page and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We are also accepting orders of items not listed on our website. Please feel free to inqure about any items that are exclusive to Japan. Before filling out the form, please read the following to confirm the terms and conditions of your order.

1. Depending on your location there are circumstances where we will not be able to process your orders.

2. The customer is responsible for any fee’s including but not limted to customs and clearance fee’s and any cancellation fees due to complciations of international shipping.

3. Please understand that there are circumstances (natural disasters, accidents, and other unavoidable incidences) where shipping may get delayed.

4. Due to customs complications we are unable to ship certain products.

5. Customers are unable to cancel their orders once their items have been shipped. No returns or refunds will be possible (DOA’s are the only exception).

Currently we are accepting 2 forms of payments.

1) Paypal

2) Wire Transfer

Our shipping method is currently EMS only. For shipping rates, please consult this website below:

Please note that these rates are an estimate and your fee may vary depending on the content of your order and or where you live.